Pond, Waterfall and Fountain Water Pumps

Pond Waterfall and Fountain Pumps AA

Albert Montaño Sand and Gravel offers a full product line of Pond, Waterfall and Fountain Pumps. Come visit us at 4519 Agua Fria St. Santa Fe, NM, 87507 to discuss your ideas and place your order.

Aquascape Water Feature Pumps

One of the most important elements in your water feature is the pump because it continually turns the water over and provides critical aeration to keep water clean and clear. Since your pump is the workhorse of your water feature, you want to make sure you choose a long-lasting pump that’s efficient to operate. All Aquascape pumps come with a warranty and are known to function properly for years, even if you run the pump 24 hours a day. Choose from one of our pond, waterfall, or fountain pumps and rest assured you’re getting the best quality at the best value.

Pond Pumps

Pond Waterfall and Fountain Pumps - Pond Pumps

For Use in Pond Skimmers or Directly in the Pond

Whether you need a pump that fits inside a skimmer or is placed directly in the pond, Aquascape has several models from which to choose. You’ll enjoy our quality line of pumps in a range of flow rates to suit any pond. We even offer pumps with adjustable flow rates that you can control with a remote or from your smartphone or tablet using the Aquascape Smart Control App. Aquascape is always on the leading edge of technology to provide you with the best products.

AquaSurge® Pond Pumps
PL and PN Pond Pumps
SLD Adjustable Flow Pond Pumps
AquaJet® Pond Pumps
EcoWave® Pond Pumps
AquaForce® Pond Pumps
Pond Powerhead Pump

Pondless Waterfall Pumps

Pondless Waterfall Pumps

For Use in Waterfall Vaults

Aquascape pumps are made to be placed inside a sub-surface vault which makes them easy to access and helps protect them from the elements. Just like our pond pumps, the waterfall pumps come in a range of sizes with a few adjustable flow options, too.

SLD Adjustable Flow Pumps
PL and PN Pumps
Eco Wave® Pumps
AquaSurge® Pumps

External Pond Pumps

External Pond Pumps

For Use Outside the Pond

If you’re looking for a non-submersible pump for your water feature look no further than the EXT Pond Pump  line by Aquascape. Our external pond pumps are ideal for water feature applications requiring high flow with high efficiency in a non-submersible style pump.

EXT Pond Pump

EXT Pond Pumps

Available in four models with maximum flow rates of
12,500 – 18,400 gph

  • External pond pumps are ideal for supplying water flow to waterfalls, wetland filters, and water jets

Fountain Pumps

Fountain Pumps - Albert Montano Sand and Gravel and Septic Tanks

For Use with Decorative Fountains and Spitters

Our fountain pumps range in flow rates from as little as 70 gph for small spitters to 2,000 gph for large fountains. Aquascape fountain pumps include a flow control valve to customize water flow.

Ultra Water Pumps - Albert Montano Sand and Gravel and Septic Tanks
Statuary Water Pumps

Other Pump Products

Aquascape offers a cleanout pump and hose for those interested in cleaning their own pond, along with a pump cleaning solution and optional accessories.

Cleanout Pump and Hose

Used to pump water out of pond during maintenance

Cleanout Pump and Hose

Pump Accessories and Cleaning

Pump cleaning solution and accessories to keep your pump performing optimally


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